Cheap Hotels for Mardi Gras Guide – How to Choose the Right Residence in New Orleans

If you go to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras this year, you must start planning your trip as soon as possible. Since it's such a popular event, prices tend to climb. It's not always easy to find cheap hotels for Mardi Gras, so if you find a decent rate now, it's best to get on and jump on it. The price will probably not come.

Your best bet is to look for a hotel or B & B in a few miles from the French District. You probably would not want to travel around the busy streets during Mardi Gras, so prepare to make some marches. If your hotel is TOO close to the excitement, you may not like the noise.

There is a variety of two, three and four stars to choose from. There are a number of companies that offer large seats along the parade, with comforts such as access to public rooms and food. It is recommended that you look at the map of the parade road and bookstore in a place not too far from high-rise places.

While looking for cheap hotels for Mardi Gras, you may want to consider a beautiful historical building such as French Market Inn, which is very close to popular attractions. The Uptown Historic District / Garden District area offers a few quiet hotels to relax after a holiday on the streets. It is the Indigo Hotel in Garden District, like Hampton Inn and Alder Hotel, which all offer affordable rates. In the corner of Bourbon St you will find the cheap, stylish 14th story Astor Crowne Plaza. The B on Channel is another option. Both of these are four star hotels.

Where Can You Find Cheap Hotels by Mardi Gras?

Some other rooms to watch include Blake Hotel New Orleans, La Quinta Inn & Suites, and Comfort Inn & Suites. Although not the cheapest hotel in this list, the Mazarin Hotel often receives many positive reviews for its ideal location and free breakfast.

Speaking of this, reading reviews about Mardi Gras hotels is worth the time to do. You do not have to read each single, but it helps to read some positive and negative reviews about each hotel that you consider. Also pass through the hotel's comfortable list so you can know exactly what you pay. The cheapest hotel could end up being the most expensive if it lacks the essential comforts.

One last thing to consider when looking for cheap hotels for Mardi Gras is a holiday package. If you fly to the New Orleans, is it better to book the airs and rooms of the hotel together or apart?

Online review sites provide good information on cheap hotels for Mardi Gras. You can also save money by booking your trip through the website. Discounted airplanes, hotels, automobiles, activities etc. are available when you use web codes.

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