The Best Luxurious Hotels Near Lake Pixola In Udaipur, Rajasthanes

With the perfect frame of cold green hills, which completely contrasts to the rest of the Rajastans, Lake Pichola is one of the oldest and most picturesque lakes in the other dry, severe state of Rajasthan. Reflecting the surrounding area in its mirror surface, it is covered with green brown hills, temples, gardens, hairs and people and called by a nearby village of Picholi. After the foundation of the city of Udaipur around the lake, Maharaja Udai Singh expanded the Lake Piĉola flooding the Pichola village.

Accompanying the calm serene waters of the adjacent lake are 4 islands, Jag Niwas (famous for Lake Palace), Jag Mandir (famous Jag Mandir Palace), Arsi Vilas (now shrubs providing for birds) and Mohan Mandir.

Providing many tourists daily, this site is a world-renowned destination with a set of hotels in its surroundings. Few of the best luxury hotels near Lake Pichola are mentioned as follows ::

1. Palace Lake: Considered among the world's most romantic hotels, Lake Palace is a 250-year-old, magnificent hotel built in the middle of Lake Pichola. The hotel is owned and administered by Taj and offers great views of the adjacent urban palace, Jag Mandir and the Aravallis.

2. Oberoi Udaivilas: Following on the 200-year-old hunting grounds, on the banks of Lake Pichola lies Oberoi Udaivilas, with houses, pavilions, gardens and patios, and offers soft views of the surrounding green gardens. The unique hotel in Udaipur is built on 50 acres of land, which includes a wildlife sanctuary about 20 acres.

3. Leela Palace: In front of the Aravallis and located within paused grounds, Leela Palace is a palate hotel decorated with hot eyes of red and gold, offering world class service and famous treatment to its guests. Sitting right near the lake, the hotel near Lake Piĉola is 5 kilometers away from the nearest station and 25 kilometers away from the airport.

4. Jagmandir Island Palace: Jagmandir Island Palace is a 17th century palatial complex, which has been redesigned as a luxurious destination hotel. Located 200 meters from the Town Hall Museum and known for its exclusive services, Jagmandir Island Palace runs to corporate travelers, celebrities and eminent, 21st century guests.

By evoking the size of a long forgotten era, every hotel near this is well-appointed by royal artifacts and brilliance with princess details. Honoring the guests like Maharajas, these were some of the best luxurious hotels near Lake Pichola.

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