Where to stay in Santorini – The Best Towns & Hotels

The wonderful Santorini shines like a glamora jewel in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Completing the set of cyclades islands, Santorini himself is placed on a submerged volcano's website and is home to the famous wonderful boiler that gives the island its distinctive shape. Life in the island itself is purely luxury; isolated villages with infinite pools, private Cliffside suits and honeymoon hideaways create an extraordinary vibration infused by divine decay.

The island has a distinct culture and depth of history, and the local settlements are made up of villages, all of which vary in architecture and development and have their own enchantment. The romance of Santorini shines with the sublime nature of its sunset; As the sun sinks, it illuminated the ocean and illuminates the boiler, a spectacle, which daily thousands of visitors daily.

Santorini is a luxurious destination: some of the places to stay in Santorini are fervently opulent and provide slippers from chic visitors around the world. As much as the budget, a traveler arriving at the shores of Santorini, enjoy the evening watching, as the sky changes color and extraordinarily from the Greek fountain port. Days in the island filled with delicious food and the possibility of leaning on your own private terrace between the sun of gray white buildings, as the sun lays you and you indulge the pleasure of life in Santorini.

Spend balmy ves with a frenzy of Fira, the largest city in the island and the animated heart of Santorini. With its abundance of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, Fira is where you need to stay on Santorini, if you want to share until the first hours and then spend your days exploring the island and navigate the many stores in the city in the shade of the beautiful volcano in the distance.

Fira is the perfect place to base yourself to explore everything Santorini has to offer. All the buses across the island begin and end in the city, meaning you can travel across the island. If you do not seem to catch the bus, then you're just renting a car or even your own car and traveling at your own pace. Hotels in Fira city are more expensive than neighboring villages but there are many options to choose from.

Closing to Fira, quiet and quiet Imerovigli is the dream-place for moon-moon. The town is one of the most expensive places to stay in the island, but with wonderful views of the breeze pond and romantic luxury nests, it offers a perfect slip of isolated Santorini.

The charming city has no beach, but has large 4 and 5-star hotels to choose from, many offering beautifully decorated private suits, some of which are built in the cascade and have views of the volcano. From Imerovigli it is easy to travel to nearby cities; Many hotels offer a free bus ride, although local links also connect to Fira busy.

Kamari is much cheaper than villages with views of the Boiler, but what is missing in the famous views it makes in its beautiful beach. If you visit Santorini with children, staying in Kamari is a great choice of place. The family friendly family shines an extensive sand beach with a few local bars and restaurants, supermarkets and shops that mean long days spent playing on the coast and exchanges enjoying delicious meals with your family.

This is the place to stay in Santorini, if your budget is slightly tense, and the most convenient hotel rooms are usually out of the highest summer. With most of the house, very easy to the beach, it is not necessary to take a bus or taxi to reach the water as in other islands of the island.

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