Basic Basics for Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels can be considered the new child of the block. Although they were existing for several decades, working under the # 39; independent & # 39; Hotels, it's only recently that the world has exploded in its fascination for boutique hotels.

Today, more than ever, travelers look beyond the usual fruits and fantasy that are offered in the name of hotels. They want a more intimate, more unique experience that approaches the community in which the hotel is located. In such scenes, boutique hotels stand in direct opposition to their richest, similar empires – the chain hotels.

But, despite their general appeal, boutique hotels must do the same effort, and sometimes more, to establish their brand. Without a strong identity to guide them, it is quite easy to lose themselves in the crowd.

Why Branding?

Brands can no longer be homeless entities for the consumer. We live in the time of information, where the client has access to all means to facilitate their purchase. These days, brands have the life and existence of their own, and customer interface with these identities every day.

Take yourself. What do you think when someone says the word "Marriott?" You're going to start an image of something intensely luxurious and resistant. Large shoulders, gold roofs, soft speeches, still crisp smart waiters, silver tunnels and state arts. Why does your brain associate all this through a simple word?

That's the magic of a brand. And the value to build it.

Think about the concept of identity, as your name, or who you are. All those things that you will do, you & # 39; There are also the things that you have set up apart of the rest of mankind. The same goes for a brand. It is an organization that distinguishes from other organizations in the same industry. In business speech, this is called a differentiation.

So, what difference one hotel of the other and why could we even be different? The answers to these questions are identical. Danny Meyer, CEO of the Union Square Group (USHG), states that recognition & # 39; you are la A main reason why guests want to return to the same hotel.

Recognition only comes from uniqueness, and if you want to cultivate a battleship of loyal consumers, you can better participate quickly. The reason for boutique hotels has grown in the last decade is because the modern traveler does not want a monolithic experience he will receive in a typical chain-hotel. They want an uniquely courageous experience that they can remember, and if they get that, they will come back to you.

It brings us to the next aspect – what does one of the other differ from? Experience is different. All that your guest shows they feel they are playing when they interact with the tangible aspects of your brand, who consider their experience.

A strong brand is that which stands completely apart from its competitors. Think about this: a thousand others call for the attention of the consumer, essentially promising heart care services. Shots and acquisitions made it even more confusing for the customer today.

The largest 10 rooms in the world now offer combined 113 marks at various prices, 31 of which did not exist for a decade. This makes more important distinction. IBISWorld also covers the boutique hotel industry at 7 billion in June 2017; rising at CAGR by 4.8%.

Therefore, the essence of your brand needs to be different, and it needs to pick up all aspects of the brand – from your design, to service, to logo and so on. Let's now run through the standard elements that make up a brand.

Brand Elements

As things stand, the boutique hotel is distinguished from other hotel sectors through its uniqueness, personalized service, authenticity, terrific, aesthetic elements of surprise, and enhanced customer experience that extends beyond the space of the hotel.

We will begin with the basic, long suggestions for brand construction before concrete.

Logo: This is the sign and a sign of your brand. It is also one of the most integral parts of the brand experience, since it encourages recognition and familiarity. A good logo design is always powered by a strategy unless you want people to get the wrong message. Trying your logo before finishing it is always a good idea.

Mark and Mark Message: Build a strong extension and put under the key attributes of your brand that you are then using to add to your brand's essence. Outstanding this without being too invadient is necessary.

Excuse: Your brand identity must be displayed across all aspects of the hotel's show. This distinction will appear in the way you respond phone calls to the way when your stick leaves people. Every communication, offline and online, must constantly present a message that contributes to the essential brand.

Design: This does not simply extend to logo and communication. Of course, you must be consistent with all your creatures and color schemes, but we are also related to architectural and decorated elements that must bear the mark identity on their shoulders.

Pledge and Delivery: This may be the most important. Although audacity and in some cases care can be appreciated, do not promise things that you can not get rid of. Clients are afraid of such diligent deals. For example, if your hotel is a budget hotel, then adding features that do not exist or set up false images are extremely bad practices that you need to avoid at all costs.

Boutique Hotels, Take Note …

While marking guidelines may be the same or more or less through the board, boutique hotels may not always enjoy the flow of money that larger chains do. But despite your tight budget, it is incredible to jeopardize your marshy efforts, or maybe you end up in a central messenger pillar foolish situation.

Finish your income, at all times. Priorize some elements of marking over the others, but do not ignore them completely. You do not have to go for the most expensive options, but you must consider the most effective

Here are a few more suggestions that boutique hotels have to remember before starting with their marshy efforts.

  • Do not be unhealthy . I understand that boutique hotels are about customization, but that can be reflected in the services you offer. The marital essence must be unique and reinforced as such. Too many logos and design changes are also an obstacle when it comes to establishing identifying identity.
  • Segmented : The best thing about boutique hotels is that it's really a place for everyone. Of those who are looking for comfort to the cruel backpack, everyone can find what he wants here. And your hotel should be hard to communicate this. Set different packages for different types of travelers – retailers, relatives, families, etc. – and let it also reflect in your rates.
  • Networks : This is one of the strongest strategies for the host world. Networks generate more references and increase legally dramatically. Having a good symbiotic relationship with the residents and the environment will be invaluable help.
  • Etenda Brando : In addition to your basic services, you can slightly contract. Small, slices, roofs, all can be spent by others, but marked for your benefit. Or you can worry about merger, where you can tie with spas, factory companies and so on. This not only increases your presence, but also receives subsidized goods in the process. You can also invest in experiences beyond the hotel space, customized by nature, workshops and more. However, choose your partners with care. They should not translate messages that are dissonant with the tone, essence and image of your brand.
  • Show a ban : Do not override, or be too understandable with your communication, except the format requires it. You may have much to say, but consider introducing it in a way that is not always a lot of text, such as videos, infographics or bulletins.

While these are just a few suggestions, when it comes to the incredibly extensive field of marketing, they are an effective starting line for you. In an industry that is so full of players, brand identity and experience will be key differentists who need careful attention and cultivation. So start and build a mark that you will boast about one day.

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