Lights of Rajasthan Palace Turned In Heredy Hotels

"Providence has created the Maharas to offer a show to the world," written Rudyard Kipling, author of the book of the Virgins. In 1947, the Indian states of the Maharajas went out to enjoy Shikar (the hunting art) in luxurious Rolls Royce, entrusted art, furniture, jewels and the most credited European companies and practiced hospitality with banquets for their guests. For centuries they lived in ground forts or palaces with terraces and gardens, with separate wings for women and servants.

It can now share this life of refining with Luxurious Hotels in Rajasthan. The Maharaji opened their palaces, hunting tents and summer houses, whose maintenance and restoration were too expensive for them and lived with the guests with whom they shared the history of their family. They have changed hedonism for sustainable tourism and eccentrics for the restoration of artistic heritage and have worked for the development of the community. In Rajasthan, northeastern India, lies Umaid Bhawan Palace, the sixth largest private residence in the world. Part of this sandstone in Jodhpur is a hotel from the prestigious chain Taj Hotels. Decorated in art & # 39; Style, it includes ten acres of gardens with pavements, a museum of the royal family and an underground bridge.

Another of the properties of the Maharaja of Jodhpur is Ahhichatragarh Fort, also known as Nagaur Fort. After 20 years of restoration work, the Ranvas Nagaur hotel recovered the sophisticated atmosphere that served as a refuge for the women of the royal family. It is divided into 27 rooms distributed in ten coats, & # 39; Rajastane's traditional buildings, which have their own padded yard. It is also possible to stay at Royal Tents Nagaur, a camping of luxurious tents within the fort of the 5th century. It is an adventurous place to enjoy the sunset in the jeep hunting of gazels and antelopes around. You can also enjoy your stay in Ahhichatragarh Force, go for Royal Rajasthan tours and experience the luxurious comforts best.

Jaipur (the Rose Coast) has some of Rajasthan's most pushed hotels in the region. Both at Rambagh Palace and at Sukhman Rajmahal Palace existed world dignitaries such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth II or Iran's shah. The marble stairs, the chambers of the rooms and the suitings that they have occupied now welcome less illustrious guests who enjoy the same hospitality of the Maharaja. The stay in the palaces is complemented by experiences such as group parties, out-of-the-art dinners, musical concerts and safars that allow to be part of a lifestyle already missing to feel like king's guests. Both hotels are included in the list of luxurious hotels in Rajasthan. If you are ready to experience the traditional touch of Royal families, plan your trip to Rajasthan today.

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