8 Revealing Secretariat of 5 Stars

Have washing stuff? With this position, I will reveal to you 8 of the best setup tricks that the stars of 5 stars are used to constantly have a fresh deposit. These tricks will offer you solutions to problems such as a white kitchen mix with colors. They are laundry hats to help you have clearer, better smell, shoes, blankets and a lot of fabric.

Welcome Tips in this Guide

Save your white people by baking soda and salt
Use white craft and newspapers to remove smells from your shoes
Remove tobacco odor from your clothes in vinegar
Use vinegar to empty bright spots
Set funnel spots with eggs and glycer
Improve your detergents with baked soda
Make lemon bleach
Make softer sheets with a tennis ball

1. Saving Your Children
Did you erroneously mix a load of white clothes with some blue? Repeat – maybe you have not made any permanent damage. Before you put something in the driest, remove the damp and dip them into a baked soda solution. Add a half cup of salt and a half cup of detergent. Now wash the clothes as usual. It is very likely that at the end of the cycle, your white clothes will continue to be white without spots.

2. Drying Shoes
Did you know that to remove your shoes from sweat moisture can prevent odor and extend the shoes and # 39; lifetime? Therefore, whenever you take off your shoes after a busy day, slide some small pieces of white chalk into them. The crete pieces absorb the humidity.

Another free way to eliminate humid from your shoes is to whip the newspapers and fill them in the interior when the shoes are not used. I recommend using fresh newspapers every time.

3. Vaporization of Tobacco Odores
Whether you smoke or not, you may know that tobacco smokes everything in which it is in contact. Unfortunately, most fabrics (especially wool), even after a wash, still keep the smell.

To remove it, pour some hot water into the washing basin and add 3 cups of vinegar. Hide the affected clothing just above the wash basin and let the steam go straight into the clothes. The vapor in the steam will remove the odor without damaging the fabric. I suggest doing this in a closed room (such as the bathroom) to make sure that the steam does not blow with the wind.

4. Dura Pants & # 39; Shine
Did your favorite young people shine in the seat? Do not need to worry. After making your shelter as usual, pour some vinegar on the bright spot and allow your jeans to dry. At the time when your pair of jeans is dry, the brightness will be away.

5. Setting Side Boards
Fine spots are very annoying; Whatever you spill on barrels is locked. However, do not let it steal your favorite t-shirt. Everything you have to do is mix together with egg egg and a spoonful of glycerin and cut the mixture on a spot. After about half an hour, remove the t-shirt as usual and let it dry. Once dry, you will find that the spot has gone.

6. Improve your detergent
Is your detergent insufficient to handle your entire shelter? Do not discard it so far. Just add some baked bakery to your washing machine's laundry. It will increase the weak power and help your clothes to resist the spot that comes with hard water. You can also dip your shelter in a mixture of detergent and baked soda first. The cooking refrigeration will reinforce the detergent and remove any scent odors from your clothes. In the end, your clothes will feel smoother and they will certainly look cleaner. On the other hand, you will have less money.

7. Making Bleach of Limons
Lemon, made from a bottle, or crushed by lemon, becomes a very white agent. The best thing about it is that it does not contain hard or harmful chemical products such as the made-ups.

Lemon juice, mixed with hot water, can skip almost any fabric (except silk) and make it whiter and brighter. To clean your shelter, mix a half cup of lemon with one gallon of boiling water. Remove the water from the heat and dip your clothes in it for about an hour. Pour some lemon juice into your washing machine and wash the clothes as usual. Your clothes will be cleaner and like a bonus, they will have added a smell of freshness.

8. Making Softer Approaches
If you use the dryer to dry your towels, put a tennis ball in the dryer along with your clothes. This kitchen hack will make your towels softer and softter.

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